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메이크업을 착용 여성

Beauty standard is comparative and subjective. 

The reason why we make up is to embellish unsatisfactory area on face and let satisfactory areas to stand out. And second reason is to protect our skin from external effects like UV, air pollution and keep the balance between oil and water in our skin. The best cosmetics product is not the most famous brand but the most well fitting into my skin type, and made of harmless and pure natural material. 

TriAlliance collaborates with cosmetics and beauty products producers in Korea. We select high quality products  and distribute them to the global market.  

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Human body's bio mechanism is profound and mysterious.

A lunar month is consisted of 28 days and menstruation is also 28 days. 


Our skin renews itself every 28 days, sloughing off old dead skin cells and replacing them with fresh new ones - but only if we practice good skin care. The good skin care routine fulfill moisture, keeps chemical out and gives skin the proper nourishment to help you to look better in 28 days or less. When the cells are reaching near the 28th day, your skin tone will start to look dark and coarse. 

If the 28 day's revitalizing cycle operate smoothly, you may keep bright and healthy skin continuously. But once getting age, the 28 days circulation will start to be retarded because of hormone change. Dead cell will start sticking to skin surface and skin sensor may think no need to generate new skins.

So the most important thing is to help vitalizing system to work smoothly and keep the system work well. 

In most cases, skin aging starts from the age of 25 years old. No matter how good skin care products you use, it is no use if all the nutrition and water are deprived by the dead cells. Your skin will lose its vitality. Dead cells will make your facial complexion dark and block pores and cause skin trouble. 

The first thing you need to do on your skin is to help the 28 days' rotation operating well, then secondly keep the balance between oil and water on skin, thirdly protect your skin from UV, and lastly drink enough water. 





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미소 금발 여자
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TriAlliance supplies health and

beauty products from Korea.  

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